Rev. Arleta Soares, U.R.M.

Classes, Workshops, Reiki Certification,
Professional Alternative Health Care ~

I am a Usui Reiki Master Healer and Teacher with over 25 years experience. I heal with Reiki, a ancient hands on healing method that effectively heals through creating balance for your entire mind and body. More details>

As a certified Reiki Practitioner I manipulate the 'auric' field creating this balance and optimum health and vitality for each client.  The 'auric' field is our electromagnetic field which surrounds all living beings. This field of energy extends out from your physical body but is not visible to average human sight.  

I believe using healing modalities based on subtle energy such as Reiki dissolves blockages in the 'auric' field and releases 'dis'ease to balance and manifest health.

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